LiveScience releases 10 greatest explosions ever

LiveScience just released a pretty cool top 10: History’s 10 greatest explosions

If you’re lazy, here’s the list:

  1. The Farthest Recorded Explosion
  2. Shadow Casting Supernova
  3. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (comet hitting Jupiter)
  4. The K-T Extinction Impact Event
  5. Mount Tambora (largest volcanic blast ever)
  6. Tunguska (a comet hitting siberia)
  7. The Trinity Blast (first a-bomb)
  8. Chernobyl
  9. The Halifax Explosion (cargo ship filled with explosives blowing up)
  10. The Texas City Disaster (another cargo ship)

You have to read the list backwards to get a good ranking for disaster movie titles.  That suggests there is an optimal explosion size for disaster movies (you can’t make much of a movie about a supernova).

I would personally like to nominate The Halifax Explosion for the Hollwood treatment.  Here’s why:

  • Happened in WWI, which means cool costumes and the like
  • The explosion created a tsunami, which means the movie could pull off the rare double genre of Accidental Disaster and Natural Disaster
  • Scientists and historians agree that: “Halifax Harbour remains unchallenged in overall magnitude as long as five criteria are considered together: number of casualties, force of blast, radius of devastation, quantity of explosive material, and total value of property destroyed.” (courtesy the almighty Wikipedia)
  • There was a blizzard the next day, adding to the drama

I’d pay to see that.  I should mention that a miniseries was already made, but we all know that’s just not the same.


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One Comment on “LiveScience releases 10 greatest explosions ever”

  1. james c Says:

    dum dum dummmmm

    okay, just stumbled upon this blog.

    1) is there a typo on the main page!? or was that intentional!??! (“copywrite”) or do i just not speak english!??!

    2) why is there no category for “monster disaster flicks”. this MUST have been a pretty contentious topic among the management at, as i’m sure there are pretty strong feelings about both sides of the issue and whether or not they should be included, but given the amount of special effects and film time dedicated to destruction in films like cloverfield as well as a litany and strong history of classics such as godzilla, i feel that this site is doing this subgenre of film a GREAT disservice by not including it on this awesome site.

    3) what i learned today: that the remake was “war of the worlds” and that the original was “the war of the worlds”. NICE.

    ….okay, that said, i was just reading the reviews, and it appears as if both are talking about war of the worlds and neither about THE war of the worlds.

    hey, it’s sort of like ohio state!

    okay, does that sports joke even fly? my coworker has convinced me it’s a real sports joke.

    that is all,

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