Preview: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Now that it is officially fall, I figured it was time to preview the biggest disaster movie of this holiday season: The Day the Earth Stood Still.  They took a play straight out of the War of the Worlds and I am Legend playbooks on this one.  Take a early 1950s sci fi disaster flick, add a Hollywood star with blockbuster experience, and put them together with a big budget and cross your fingers.  The problem is, Keanu Reeves can’t carry a movie like Tom Cruise  or Will Smith can which has me a little bit worried.  The effects are cool, but the bad guys seem to be a giant spherical version of that wispy black smoke thing from Lost.  I don’t want to give the wrong impression cause I’m still probably gonna see it opening weekend, but I’m just a little worried about this one.  I’ll let you judge for yourself:

Quick note: I’m quite sensitive to shitty domain names.  You can imagine my reaction when I saw that this one is  How is a person supposed to remember that?  “Ok so I don’t use the first ‘the’ but I do use the second one in the acronym…” bah

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3 Comments on “Preview: The Day the Earth Stood Still”

  1. Alissa Says:

    Keanu Reeves can’t carry a movie. Have you ever heard of The Matrix? I roll my eyes at you.

  2. disasterflicks Says:

    I”m a huge fan of the Matrix (all three, actually), but I didn’t think Keanu was the one who carried it. Cruise and Smith routinely carry blockbusters on their shoulders.

  3. SCataldo Says:

    If Keanu can’t carry a movie, then who carried the Matrix – come on, give the guy the credit that is due.

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