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So…the missile hit the satellite

February 20, 2008

Whenever news stories straight out of disaster movie scripts come around, I get excited. I was particularly excited when I heard that a U.S. satellite loaded with deadly chemicals with bad ass names like Hydrazine was falling to Earth. The Navy quickly decided to launch an enormous rocket to blow it into thousands of tiny harmless little pieces. The story only gets juicier when allegations that we were only doing this to show off some military muscle to China, who had apparently shot a missile at their own dying satellite a year ago. If this mini disaster scenario doesn’t sound like the intro into a sweet movie, I don’t know what does. Who knows what was realllly on that satellite. Maybe vat full of smallpox or a big ‘ol laser pointed at North Korea Strangelove Style. How convenient that the Navy is destroying the evidence before it gets back to Earth…

Fortunately (I guess…), the missile hit the satellite and apparently the whole crisis had been averted. Damn