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Disasters in need of the Hollywood treatment: Part 1-Krakatoa

October 18, 2007

This is the first of a series of entries here at the disaster movies blog highlighting those historical events which badly need the true Hollywood treatment. The studios’ love affair with historical war epics sadly has not spilled over into the disaster movies genre, and with Pompeii pushed back indefinitely it doesn’t look like that is changing any time soon.

Part 1 in the series is about one of the sweetest eruptions of all time: Krakatoa in 1883. Not is the name sweet and fun to say, but this would make a seriously good movie, here’s why:

1. Small eruptions and earthquakes started years earlier…talk about a dramatic crescendo
2. Relations between Dutch colonists and natives would give the film cultural weight the critics love
3. Resultant tsunamis were some of the largest ever witnessed
4. Explosion was the loudest noise in human history
5. After the explosion, the entire island of Krakatoa was gone…forever…

Maybe I’m wrong, but I see serious potential in this one. The only Krakatoa films in the past have been documentaries and small time stuff. Docs are all well and good, but I say the most violent eruption in modern history deserves a little better than a made for TV budget

When Mars Attacks, Giuliani’s Ready

October 15, 2007

In an effort to win the all-important disaster movie enthusiasts vote, presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani made it clear today that he would know what to do in the case of an alien invasion from Mars. It’s nice to know that the former mayor of New York is willing to fight the good fight in the intergalactic war on terror. He instilled confidence in his constituents when he declared “We’ll be prepared for that. Yes we will.” Sure, the aliens will probably have impenetrable shields and futuristic weapons, but Rudy’s not worried. This begs the question, how would Rudy stack up against some of the great sci fi disaster movie presidents of our time? My guess is that he’d fall somewhere between Jack Nicholson’s President Dale and my personal hero, President Thomas J Whitmore:

Independence Day Prez